Harry’s ferrets
 Ferrets and their owners are often the source of ridicule, probably from such stories of men putting ferrets down their  trousers  as a bet, dodgy poachers with flat caps and  long rain coats  that secret  ferrets within. The bulk of these tales are based around drink and pubs. That said, ferrets are queer looking creatures with their long low slung bodies , whiskered furtive faces with the perceived potential of biting .This gives rise to legends of ferrets having hollow fangs like snakes (my friend's father in law insisted this was fact!) or ferrets biting off fingers. Ferrets can and some times do bite, but none posses such legendary abilities.
 TV programs such as “ The last of the summer wine” with Compo and his ferrets or Monty Python’s  preposterous “ferret song” and other  reference to perfume called “Rancid polecat” all compound notion ferrets being owned pseudo tramps with hygiene problems. Undoubtedly ferrets can be a bit on the “whiffy side “, but we keepers become accustomed to it.
Ferret humour
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Ferret and trousers
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Ferret song
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