Harry’s ferrets
Ailments & troubles
Pictured is Beefy suffering from a large swelling on his neck that was treated initially with anti biotic's, but eventually required surgery  by the vet.
The lump was found to be full of puss and needed careful surgery due to the proximity of major blood vessels.
Post operation he is being kept indoors, the cage adjacent to a radiator to give every chance of a swift and successful recovery.
Medication consisted of synulox tablets, an antibiotic, given twice daily.
Ten days from the operation date the stitches were removed.
Although he looked a mess after the operation, he ate  well and replaced weight lost, possibly caused by a previous loss of appetite. Having such a large swelling must of had a detrimental effect on him.
Progressively since the operation his condition has improved. His fitness and body mass has increased astoundingly.  The shaven fur has re grown and the scar is hidden. Six weeks on he had recovered. The lower picture proves the point.
Three weeks later, he recuperates
beside a warm radiator.
Fully fit.
Pictured post surgery day one.