Harry’s ferrets
2006’s Kit’s.
Two silver Jill's  of the 2003 litter were mated with a silver hob  and one of the sisters produced a pair of albino hobs, which indicates the gene that produces silver/grey coats is not a dominant one.
 If you look closely between the forelegs of one of the Jill's you will see a tiny pink baby. Soon after the kit’s were born the mother decided to relocate the nest into the open cage. The mother also decided to treat her sister as one of the kit’s by dragging her back to the nest for a while after giving birth. The mother was subsequently assisted in caring for the youngsters by her sister.
One day I looked in to see how they were progressing, I noticed one kit motionless beneath a food bowl, I picked him up and saw he was limp, and apparently lifeless; but still breathing. Nothing seemed to rouse him and assuming the worst I spoke with Fred and he told me he had seen this before and that the ferret would never recover (probably pulling my leg). Although speaking and shaking the ferret did not wake him, immediately I put water to his lips he burst into life much to my amazement. That ferret ought to be named Lazarus!
 Another occasion it was the mothers turn to do this act, Fred lifted a limp, apparently lifeless body from the sleeping quarters, dead to the world. Unable to wake her up, she was returned to the sleeping quarters, but within seconds of being returned to her bed she was up and out at Fred’s feet, fully alert.