Harry’s ferrets
Recommended reading.
Shown are two books that I own, used as examples  of the many books available on the subject of ferrets. I consider both to be excellent books. The “Introduction to ferrets,” by James Mc Kay, is published by James Welbeloved, the  manufacturer of Ferret Complete food,  it is well written and gives sensible advice on the upkeep and care of ferrets.  Ferret Complete is the food I personally feed my ferrets on as it is a convenient and sanitary method of feeding.  I have found it to be good although there are many other makers products available of similar merit.
“Guide  to Ferreting” by Fred J Taylor , is exactly as the title states, plus many  original thoughts and stories on the subject of ferrets. The author has written articles for the Angling Mail, and is a well respected Angler.  He has also written for national news papers and is an authority on field sports.
There are many other publications on ferrets and a good selection can be often found at the local public library.
The Fast Guide for a Happy and Healthy Ferret offer s advice on the upkeep of ferrets as pets from an Australian perspective by one of  Australia’s authority’s on ferrets, David Rand.
It is published in electronic format for Kindles.
Ferret books