Harry’s ferrets
Fred Lay, is a friend who has been working ferrets long before I was born. This day we took 3 of his Jill ferrets.
Ferreting can be a muddy and painful job, especially about hedge rows.
Using stealth, the extent of the warren needs to be assessed, the burrows and bolt holes located, the nets laid, previously carefully removing litter and snags . As with all things preparation and attention to detail is essential.
When all is prepared and ready, the ferret is placed at a netted hole, and it will go in. They will not be forced .
Stand clear of the burrows, so as not to be seen by an escaping rabbit, and wait, maintaining silence.
Often noise can be heard as the rabbit is harried and often it will emerge and be caught in the net. A spare net is laid and the rabbit dispatched by firmly pushing its head back with one hand, holding the rabbits neck with the other. The rabbit is legged, and suspended from a suitable object and allowed to cool, to make gutting clean and simple.
On  occasion the ferret will stay down and digging will be needed. A 2nd ferret with a radio collar is inserted and it will either drive out the other;, or stop with it, enabling locating. Digging with care the ferret and rabbit can be extracted. Often the disturbance of digging will drive out the ferret.       
A days ferreting.