Harry’s ferrets
This picture was sent to me by Elaine Booth’s ferret  April, curled up fast asleep in  one of her hats. April has decided that it is best  utilised as a bed.
Julie Spires sent a photo of Lemmy her two and a half years old hob, she has owned him since he was 8 weeks old. He was the runt of a litter and was raised by hand.
Originally she had never wanted a ferret, because of their poor reputation, but thinks the world of him. He has the run of her flat and is often taken for walks by a local canal and to concerts.
Lemmy has has had surgery to remove a cyst from his head and has  also suffered a reaction to a flea shampoo used to remove some ticks he picked up. Julie advises that a vet be consulted for any medication for ferrets.
Other people’s ferret tales.
Others’ ferret tales