Harry’s ferrets

Jilly’s tale
I was offered (2014) a small jill albino ferret who was considered to need the attention of an experienced keeper. She was said she was wobbly on her rear legs and very tiny, it turned out she was, plus also being frightened and nippy. I suffered a few non aggressive bites where blood flowed.
Within a short time she grown bigger and stronger. It took some months before she ceased nipping and became very tame and gentle..
     She is kept alone, initially as she was nervous when introduced to the other ferrets, eventually placed in with Sandie and Milly soon after Daisy passed away. They subsequently became the best of friends, Jilly becoming the dominant ferret.
      Sadly during April 2018 I noticed things were not quite right. When she passed green coloured stools I took her to the vet who noted there was a lump in the region of the kidney. This was confirmed by an X-ray. I was referred on to an exotics specialist, who confirmed the diagnosis, further x-rays, ultrasound scan and blood tests where inconclusive. Antibiotics were tried, but unsuccessful . She was kept under observation for a week, but she continued to lose weight. Cancer was suspected, so the decision was made to have her put to sleep, from the prognosis of the vet that her quality of life would be poor. RIP Jilly, 22/04/2018.