Harry’s ferrets
Grace’s tale
 January 2010
Note the scar on the neck where a tissue sample was taken.
I had a telephone  from a friend at work explaining that his daughter, a veterinary nurse, possessed a female ferret discovered wandering along a road; although enquiries were made and notices displayed, she remained unclaimed. Knowing that I had ferrets, Jerry enquired if I had space for one more, telling me she was, “very friendly and needed the company of other ferrets”. I collected her from Jerry,  who told me how she had tried to climb up a chimney and had also investigated his son’s ear.
 At home, I introduced her to two  Jill ferrets, Lucy and Susie, and the chaos in the kitchen demonstrated that Grace possessed amazing climbing and jumping skills .Grace shared a cage’s with Susie, then later Lucy,  then Zach and finally Jenny. Grace was a very gentle ferret and it was very funny to watch her dragging Lucy, upside-down across the kitchen floor.
 In 2010 Grace developed a swollen lymph gland , that was diagnosed as cancer. This was kept in check with steroids, but eventually in 2011 she became so ill that sadly she died in her sleep.