Harry’s ferrets
Penny’s leg’s amputation
Penny’s condition worsened, she was put on antibiotics and anti-inflammatory tablets to deal with the infection of her anus and right leg. The foot became very enlarged and she began biting at the leg, almost severing the limb. Ironically, the other leg has regained some movement. The vet needed to amputate the right leg completely, so there is no stump, also a swab sample of the infection was taken for analysis. I was told the prognosis was poor, but as Penny was otherwise happy, I decided on continuing with the the treatment.
 That evening I kept the heating on indoors to help her with recovery. A friend of mine, in conversation remarked that if he or I had a leg cut off, we would be moaning and groaning in hospital for weeks, and not sent straight home, commenting on the fortitude of ferrets and animals in general.
  The following morning she seemed okay, but when I came home from work that afternoon, I saw the wound was opened. She was taken to the  vet, who re-stitched the wound, but warned me in other words, that if Penny did to open the wound again, that it would be curtains. I was given a pain killer to administer to Penny, with the hope that it might alleviate any pain, and stop her biting at the wound.
The following morning Penny seemed well rested and that afternoon I was thrilled to discover the stitches still intact. On inspection, the vet remarked how pleased she was on the improvement in Penny's condition. I was also told that the test results indicated three bacterium to be present in the infection, two of which the administered antibiotic would deal with, but the third would require the application of a second antibiotic.
  Unfortunately the infection worsened, and on inspection the vet confirmed my own view that the kindest thing was to put  Penny to sleep. Although sad, I know it was the right decision, although the best endeavours came to nil, an optimistic effort was made  to help Penny.