Harry’s ferrets
 One Saturday afternoon there was a knock at the  front door, my neighbour informed me that a ferret had been discovered lost and in distress. I went to the location and sure enough there was a albino Jill dragging her hind legs after her. I picked her up, got bitten and  saw she was very thin; with obvious bite marks on her back, possibly inflicted by a dog or more likely a fox..
At home I fed her and put her in the indoor “hospital cage.” I was aware that she would require the attentions of the  vet, and at the beginning of the following week had her examined. The vet proved the ferret was anally responsive when touching the anus with a cold metal forceps. It was explained to me there is a possibility the paralysis is temporary because of a trauma and that the nerves that control the rear legs are in close proximity with those that control the anus. That said it was explained that infection around that area is likely to arise. I asked for X-rays to be taken to assess the condition of the spine. The X-rays showed no obvious spinal damage, which is a cause for hope.
Lately I have noticed there is improvement in her posture, and although I lubricated her bottom with Vaseline,  it became inflamed and bled, requiring the attention of the vet, who gave me steroid gel to administer to the inflamed area; this appears to have worked. I also think (wrongly and since re-instated) the newspaper lining the cage might have caused injury from friction burns, and have since removed any paper leaving  the plastic floor bare, which does get messy, with excreta and blood, needing regular and extensive cleaning with disinfectant. Penny eventually had a leg amputated- Story continues
Penny’s tale
Note:teeth wounds are evident.