Harry’s ferrets
Sandy’s tale.
Pictured is Sandy, one of the most active ferrets ever.
 When Frank died, I asked Fred if he had any ferrets that required a home, the only one was a Sandy  hob, who was a bit nippy. Fred preferred that I wait until the next seasons kits were born.
 I ignored his advice, even though the ferret was prone to bite.
 The day I collected Sandy, he was pointed out in the cage by Fred, gazing down at me. Fred used a kitchen glove to distract him while he picked him up. I realized that I had a handful.
 Many bites later, by sheer perseverance, I had a very tame and placid ferret.  
  Sandy was a very lithe and active ferret. He had remarkable agility, he would climb on to the kitchen table given half-a-chance and scale up brick walls.     
  Later in his life a large lump appeared on his neck, and was diagnosed as granulated scar tissue, caused by an injury. He underwent various treatments. Surgery was unable to remove the entire lump due to the proximity of major blood vessels, and  anti biotic's failed to fully reduce the swelling.  
 Sadly, he died after surgery to remove the lump.