Harry’s ferrets
Toby’s Illness
I noticed that Toby’s abdomen was becoming pot bellied. Although he did not appear distressed by it, I felt it prudent that my vet was consulted.
After a blood test and X-ray, the thought was he might  have either cancer or heart failure. A second opinion using an ultra sound scan diagnosed heart failure. Toby had fluid drained, 300 ml on one occasion  and was placed on a diuretic to reduce the fluid retention, plus  medication for his heart problem
 Because of his weakened condition he resided indoors because  the outdoor temperatures  dropped with the onset of winter.
  Toby eventually became so ill it was unrealistic to continue treatment and he was euthanised by the vet in February 2006.
Pot bellied appearance in ferrets can indicate heart
This x-ray gives an indication as to the extent of the swelling.
As time progressed it can seen how the disease progressed. His mobility was impeded by the swelling, although otherwise he was in good spirit and eating well.
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