Harry’s ferrets
Toby’s  tale
One evening I received a telephone call, it was Fred. He had a rescue ferret in need of a home. The owners were moving and he had to go. I chatted to dad and we agreed to take him in.
  I constructed a new cage and  fetched him home. Fred had explained how he had to collect him from the previous owners while their children where out.
  Dad named him Toby he has proved to be very docile, except with other ferrets. He settled in and was introduced gradually to Sandy and Skippy, soon they I was able to exercise them together.
   Toby' was a proficient escapist., I almost lost by not fastening the cage door securely
 He had prodigious appetite, seldom leaving food . When elderly Toby developed a pot bellied appearance, caused by heart failure.
To gain attention, Toby will flop on to his back,
and wait to have his head scratched.