Harry’s ferrets
Informative source of ferret information.
The objective of the society is to promote good husbandry & care of ferrets.
West Wales ferret rescue
Has an interesting article on Bones And Raw Food .(BARF)
Health information and advice on ferrets
Suffolk ferrets
Suffolk Ferrets - to promote ferrets and make ferret owning a rewarding experience for the owner and especially for the ferret
Ferret books
Recommended books

Ferret keeping in the Czech Republic, with links to international sites.
Ferrets first and foremost  (motto)
See the Ferret tour “Bus.”
Contains details of public exhibitions of ferrets.
In depth health information regarding ferrets.
There is a ferret commune on public display and assorted farm animals.
Swedish ferret site, shows pictures of  magpies caught, killed and eaten by ferrets.
Also a picture of an 11 years old ferret.
Ferret links.
I will be happy to link to other ferret related sites
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